In general term cancellation shall not be entitled once the order has been placed, however, customers may be able to cancel their order within two minutes after placing an order, cancellation of placed order can only be made via a telephonic call from the number provided in the contact us page and by the cancellation button available in the handheld application and website. Netfoodish has the right to deny the refund in case a cancellation is requested after 5 minutes of the placed order which may damage the cost of Netfoodish service.

The customer is entitled to claim a refund in case of the fund from the buyer has been successfully paid on the Netfoodish platform but the placed order has not been delivered, a refund can also be entitled if the food item is not available but have successfully paid, the customer will only be entitled to claim a refund with a valid order id available in the order details mentioned in the Netfoodish platform which will be available automatically after placing an order. The refund amounts shall be credited to the customer's account within 5-7 Business days.